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Chinese Herbs and Attention Deficit Disorder

Being a Chinese herbalist, and having been diagnosed at a young age as attention deficit, I can tell you that the information I have to share on the subject is based on experience, both personal and clinical. The world that we live in runs at a fast pace, from television to computers to video games, children are living in a culture where whatever they want to think about can be accessed in the physical world as quickly as they desire. Then we bring them into classrooms where an older individual, moving at a slower pace, speaking in a monotone voice, takes a piece of stone (chalk), and drags the piece of stone over another piece of stone (slate chalk board) and expects the kids to listen. When they don’t, they are seen as ADD. If they are antsy, then they are labeled ADHD.

The first step to helping our children is to realize that they are in a horrible situation and that they are not “ill.” We are raising our children in an unbalanced world. They are the result of the problem, not the problem itself. Granted, 10% of children diagnosed with ADHD truly need medical intervention. The rest, in my experience, need patients and an understanding that the body, our environment, and our attention span are all interconnected. What we feed ourselves affects our reality. Where we live plays a role in our health.

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Pros And Cons Of Chinese Herbs

I love Chinese Medicine, yet as an Oriental Medical Physician I had to stop and ask myself, what are the pros and cons of Chinese Herbs? This is a difficult question as in my experience it is completely dependent on the skill and training of the physician administering the herbs.

As you may or may not know, Chinese Herbal Medicine is well over 5000 years old, and modern day Western Medicine Pharmacology is less than 80 years old (Antibiotics were discovered in 1928). While we live in a world of technology where the future is seen as the most intelligent reality, the truth is that the Chinese Medicine is built on experience. For 5000 years the medicine has witnessed disease and for 5000 years it has been modified some, but most of the Materia Medica has remained the same because it works.

I have seen patients two weeks prior to having their Thyroid gland radiated with life threatening hyperthyroid symptoms (resting hart rate of 125) recover in 2 weeks. I have seen patients with eczema all over their bodies recover in three weeks. But the truth is, in each case the result was a case of the quality of the practicing physician and the extreme dedication of the patient to their own healing process.

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