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Chinese Herbs and Attention Deficit Disorder

Being a Chinese herbalist, and having been diagnosed at a young age as attention deficit, I can tell you that the information I have to share on the subject is based on experience, both personal and clinical. The world that we live in runs at a fast pace, from television to computers to video games, children are living in a culture where whatever they want to think about can be accessed in the physical world as quickly as they desire. Then we bring them into classrooms where an older individual, moving at a slower pace, speaking in a monotone voice, takes a piece of stone (chalk), and drags the piece of stone over another piece of stone (slate chalk board) and expects the kids to listen. When they don’t, they are seen as ADD. If they are antsy, then they are labeled ADHD.

The first step to helping our children is to realize that they are in a horrible situation and that they are not “ill.” We are raising our children in an unbalanced world. They are the result of the problem, not the problem itself. Granted, 10% of children diagnosed with ADHD truly need medical intervention. The rest, in my experience, need patients and an understanding that the body, our environment, and our attention span are all interconnected. What we feed ourselves affects our reality. Where we live plays a role in our health.

Chinese Herbs – A starting place for Treating ADHD

Chinese Herbs can play a significant role in treating Attention Deficit Disorder as they are very powerful, and can help bring children into balance. Believe it or not the diet DOES EFFECT BEHAVIOR. The difficulty is that there is not currently, and will never be a children’s “ADHD” Chinese Herbal Formula. Chinese herbs are a very precise science based on an individual's complex pattern of symptoms, which is different from patient to patient. While Chinese herbs can play a major role in helping children gain balance in their bodies, a trained Chinese Herbalist is needed to prescribe and guide the child through the healing process.

I would avoid using bulk Chinese herbs, but rather would move towards pilled form for children. Chinese bulk herbs taste bad, and for most children drinking them is not a pleasurable act. Most Chinese patent “pill” extracts are the best first line of defense for treating ADHD. If the acupuncturist has had training in pediatric medicine, acupuncture is just as powerful as the herbs and acts more quickly. If you are thinking, “My child will never get acupuncture, they’re scared scarred of needles” then the best first step is for you as a parent to get acupuncture. It has not been my experience that children are scared of acupuncture. It is my experience that parents are scared for their children and the children then get scared.

If you are in a town without an Oriental Medical Physician, I have seen great results from naturopaths and homeopathy as well. The most important step is not to view your child as ill. Breathe and realize that everything will be all right. The number of famous individuals and geniuses that were ADHD as a child is a remarkable list. Don’t forget that Einstein himself was ADHD. It is not a disease, it is a gift that needs patients to learn how to master. Children that are ADHD see the world from a slightly different angle than the rest of the children. I not only listened to what the teacher said (They never thought I was listening, but I was), I saw what all of the other kids were doing as well. This way of viewing the world provides for insights that lead to inventions and out of the box thinking. But granted, a hyperactive kid is difficult to be around and for their own future they do need to find balance. Chinese Herbs are a great start for Attention Deficit Disorder and can definitely help control the hyperactivity while nourishing children's bodies on a deep level. The same type of deep nourishing can not be expected with stimulating drugs and anti-seizure medication.

Martial arts helps adhd kids:

In China and Japan, children that are hyperactive are sent to study Martial arts. The master teachers give them exercises to breath, slow down, and learn to focus their attention. In this way martial arts are also a great treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder.

Chinese Herbs and Attention Deficit Disorder: In Summary

Areas to focus:
Chinese Herbs will act as a powerful starting point and can definitely help with the symptoms of ADHD. Acupuncture can be a profound and fast acting treatment to help bring your child’s body into balance.

Diet is a key factor. Focus on a warm breakfast for your child with as much protein and as little sugar as possible. Don’t make food a battleground, but when ever possible, provide warm food with a good balance of protein and essential oils.

Make Sure your child is getting lots of exercise. Martial arts are a great avenue for learning to focus one’s attention. But for that matter, any sport with a good coach can be very beneficial.

Finally, Have patients. Breathe Deep. And know that everything will be perfect.

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